A Little More Background

The Important but Boring Stuff
What follows on this page are the key regulations of the Society. Boring but vital to our organization and for the ongoing development of our activities.

Our Constitution..

NAME: The name of the Society shall be The Chesterfield and District Family History Society.

AIMS of the Society shall be as follows:

1. To promote among all citizens of Chesterfield and surrounding districts a knowledge and understanding of Family History.
2. To assist and encourage members of the Society (and others) in individual research and the study of Family History and to promote joint projects among members researching, transcribing, recording, calendaring and indexing genealogical resource material relating to the Society’s area.
3. To devise and maintain for members a programme of educational and social activities connected with the study of Family History and to produce a newsletter and/or magazine containing information and articles periodically.
4. To negotiate with various statutory and other bodies for the provision of improved genealogical research.
5. To provide money by receipt of subscriptions, grants, gifts or any other form of fundraising as the Society may so determine from time to time so that the Society will be financially self supporting.


6. Membership of the Society shall be open without question to any person accepting the statement
of aims on the understanding that his or her membership is dependent on their agreeing to pay an annual subscription, such sum to be fixed at a General Meeting on receiving a recommendation from the Committee. Subscriptions will be due on the first day of January each year. Membership shall lapse if the subscription is unpaid three months after it is due.
7. Classes of Membership of the Society shall be determined by the Committee. They may include
1. Single.
2. Joint.
Joint membership of the Society shall be open without question to a family not exceeding two adult members, living at the same address, providing they accept the statement of aims and on the understanding that joint membership is dependent on payment of the annual membership fee of one and a half times the amount of single membership.
3. Overseas; persons living outside the United Kingdom.
4. Honorary; at the invitation of the Committee, or a resolution carried at a General Meeting.

8. All members and representatives shall have one vote each excepting joint members who shall have two (one vote each).
9. Committee meetings of the Society controlling the affairs and business of the Society shall be as, when and where Committee members so determine, vesting authority to so organise and manage the affairs of the Society in the Officers appointed.
10. The Annual General Meeting (A.G.M.) shall be held not later than two months after the end of the Financial Year which will be 31 July each year, to which Officers shall report on their activities during the previous year, as well as reporting on current and planned activities. The Treasurer’s report, accompanied by audited Balance Sheet shall be written and circulated at the A.G.M. to all members present. Copies of the Balance Sheet will be included in the first magazine after the A.G.M. Notice in writing of this meeting and the agenda of items to be considered shall be sent to members entitled to vote at least 28 days prior to the event.
Any member wishing to resign from the Committee at the A.G.M. must give at least 28 days written notice of their intent to the Secretary. Nominations for election to the Committee must be in
writing, proposed and seconded, with the consent of the nominee, also handed to the Secretary before the A.G.M.
The A.G.M. shall elect the Officers of the Society namely, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, and not more than nine Committee Members. If insufficient nominations have been received to fill the vacancies the Chairman may, at his or her discretion, take nominations from the floor. The terms of office of the Officers and Committee of the Society shall commence with the declaration of the election results at the Annual General Meeting.
All the Society’s Officers and Committee shall be eligible for re-election upon completion of their annual term of office.
The Quorum at General Meetings shall be ten members of the Society who are entitled to attend. If a Quorum is not present within 15 minutes of the time appointed for the General Meeting or if during the General Meeting a Quorum ceases to exist the General Meeting shall be adjourned to such a time and place as the Committee shall determine. The Committee must reconvene the meeting and must give at least 28 clear days notice and state the time and place of the reconvened General Meeting. If no Quorum is present at the reconvened General Meeting within 15 minutes of the time specified for the start of the General Meeting then the members present at that time shall constitute the Quorum for that General Meeting.
11. Any member co-opted to the Committee at a meeting other than the Annual General Meeting shall be required to seek election at the next Annual General Meeting following their co-option.
12. Notices of specially convened meetings concerning the affairs and business of the Society shall be sent to all members not less than 28 days before the meeting takes place.
13. No membership may be terminated by Officers without a majority of two thirds of the votes cast at a General Meeting.
14. Any ten members of the Society may serve notice in writing on the Chairman or Secretary to convene a meeting of the Society members within 28 days providing any such notice actually states the nature of the business to be required to be placed on the Agenda of any such meeting.
15. The Quorum for Committee Meetings shall be six, at least two of whom must be Officers.
16. All matters of the Society shall be, unless otherwise stated in these Rules and Constitution, decided by means of a simple majority vote, in the case of a tied vote the Chairman shall have the
casting vote even if he or she has already voted.
17. These rules may only be changed at a special rules revision meeting of the Society, or A.G.M. for which notice of not less than 28 days shall be sent to all members, any changes in the Society shall require the support of at least two thirds of the votes cast.
18. The Society’s name shall not be used by any person for any purpose other than on the Society’s business or in connection with the Society’s activities.
19. Dissolution. The Society may be dissolved by a resolution passed by not less than three quarters of the votes cast at a General Meeting called for the purpose and for which 28 days notice prior to the meeting has been given in writing. Such a resolution may give instructions for the disposal of any
assets held in the Society’s name after all debts and liabilities have been paid. Any balance to be distributed as may be decided by the General Meeting, if none is decided by the General Meeting then as the Officers and Committee select. If the Resolution is passed to dissolve the Society the Officers and Committee members shall remain in office and be responsible for winding up the affairs
of the Society.
20. Notices of General Meetings shall be either printed in the Society’s Magazine or in writing and sent to members personally, by post or by electronic communications. Notices shall be deemed to have been sent 48 hours after being despatched.
21. Proxy voting may be permitted by members at the discretion of the Society’s Officers and Committee when a proposal has been made in advance of any General Meeting.
22. CADFHS adheres to the principals of the Data Protection Act. Any data collected is only kept as long as is necessary and with the individual member’s permission. Such information is not shared with any other organization.

Our Policies…

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