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We are here to help you discover your family heritage. Not simply to find the names, key dates and places of birth or death of your ancestors… Learning about the history of your family is a fascinating and often surprising voyage of discovery. It is a never ending process which does involve the key genealogy facts and figures, but also leads to an understanding of how our forebears actually lived. What it was like to work on the land, or in the industries which changed forever both the landscape and the living conditions of almost everyone from the 18th century onwards. It is about getting to know long gone family members.

We can accompany you on your journey of discovery, whether you are just beginning or if you are an experienced addict.

There is much to be found on this site to guide you, but we encourage you to get in touch, join our friendly group and to learn from the experiences of our members. Once you join us, you will have access to even more information on this site and through our support network. If you have questions or would like to learn more, then please contact us and we’ll do everything possible to help you.

Parish Records

Parish records are the most useful sources for discovering your family history before the 1837.

They’re basically birth, death and marriage records created in local churches — going right back to the time of Henry VIII.

Civil Records

Civil registration began in 1837.

It became a legal obligation to register all births, marriages and deaths.

Census Returns

UK census records reveal complete family groups, together with occupations, addresses and more.

Recorded every ten years from 1841, and available to 1911.

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