Meet the Team

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Neil Wilson –  Chair.
I was brought up in Clay Cross and left in 1974 to pursue a career in the Royal Air Force. After 22 years, left and joined a Nottingham firm of solicitors and now deals with health and safety plus their security.  I became a member of the society and joined the committee became the web master role, until a few years ago when due to personal reasons I left the committee. I’m now back in the right frame of mind to pick up family history and attend meetings again, hoping that the knowledge that I have will help to steer the society forward.
Liz Youle –  ViceChair.
Born in Chesterfield during the war. Left for Iraq 14th January 1949. Went to boarding school in Cyprus, then Sheffield and in 1954 in Somerset. As my parents lived in Iraq I spent Christmas and Easter holidays with my gran in Chesterfield.  No TV, no friends, so what do you do in the evenings?  Get out the photo and postcard albums. That’s when I started my family history so, probably longer than any other member.  Names were put on photos for everyone that my grandfather (then deceased) had failed to mention. Cut to 1989 when I went to Abu Dhabi. I spent 2 weeks of my annual leave attending Record Offices and Archives. The rest of my leave I toured the world. Returned to UK in 2001. Ran my home in Cornwall as a guest house. By now the internet had started to be available to family historians. My granddaughter is 1/2 Cornish and I ran a regular research morning for a group of researchers. Several guests were found to be related to my granddaughter. In the winter I travelled abroad, one year to The Emirates, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand – 11 flights in 11 weeks and I met and/or stayed with at least 37 members of my extended family…all due to my researching.  I’ve also been to Canada 3 times, visiting family, friends and researchers.  Derbysgen Rootsweb list was an enormous help and that’s how I met several researchers.  Altogether I’ve visited about 25% of the world mostly staying with friends and family.  Last year I made the decision to return to Chesterfield…that took me a long time!  I’ve been a member of CADFHS for years – Member No.525.  I’m now enjoying my 3rd retirement in a lovely new bungalow in Calow (this is my 32nd home) and I have started to hold a family history morning for anyone interested.  My research is extensive as I’ve researched my daughter, granddaughter, grandsons (daughter’s 2nd marriage) and great grandson. My main research in Chesterfield is NEEDHAMs and KIRKs and anyone with a twig that encompasses them.

David Wheatcroft – Treasurer.                                                                             I  have lived in Chesterfield all my life working firstly in Foundries as a skilled Iron Moulder, followed by 25 years on the buses before I retired. In that time I served as a governor on several schools including chair of Tapton House School for a spell and was vice chair of Brimington Parish Council for a couple of years.        As a lifelong Trade Unionist, I have held several positions including Branch Secretary & area delegate in the Engineering union and later in the Transport Union specialised in Pensions & Employee Ownership. I was a Worker Director at Chesterfield Buses and also a Trustee in the Stagecoach Employee Share Trust and also as a Trustee and Administrator of the 450 employee worker owned Sunderland Home Care Ltd.         In retirement from the buses I was a Director of Job Ownership Limited a London based company which promoted worker Ownership in this country and worldwide. I was also co-founder and director of CASA, a company providing 10,000 weekly hours of home care over the North of England.                                               I have been interested in Family history for some years but only took it up seriously in the last 3 or 4 years.     Firstly, joining My Heritage for one year before changing to Ancestry for the last 2 years.   I have been lucky up to now to find that 2 of my ancestors have been famous, one had the village pub named after him and the second was the last man in this country to be judiciary hung and beheaded. I just hope that the Treasurers role doesn’t interfere to much with my continual researching.


Dena Fanshawe – Events Coordinator,  Enewsletter – Assistant Web Manager.                                                                                                                 I have been the secretary of C.A.D.F.H.S. since September 2012

I am a retired Business Adviser. And Business Owner. I have been researching my Family Tree for about 17 years. My special passion is the journey and discovery of the past and its fascinating stories.

Started out in life as a Hairdresser and did a five year apprenticeship, I had my own business for over 30 years. During this time I developed my IT skills and, trained and became a Lecturer and Assessor of Information Technology, Key Skills and Customer Service besides Hairdressing in the early days. [My IT skills go back to pre Internet or even Windows.] My life’s pathway then took me to the Chamber of Commerce, where I worked with ‘Business Link’ and was initially part of the ‘Work Force Development Team before becoming  a fully SFEDI qualified Business Adviser.                                                                                                                My other passion as been that of our beloved breeds of dogs, owned, bred and shown since 1985. I know longer show dogs but do judge two breeds at Championship Show levels

Julia Wragg – Minutes Secretary, Librarian and Ass’ Events Coordinator

‘Lyn McNair – Magazine Joint Editor – Ass Events Coordinator and Charity Champion.  

I have been researching Family History for over 15 years, but have only recently joined the society. I have only just begun researching in Earnest since my early retirement  in July 2018. Before I retired,  I worked for the charity Derbyshire Carers Association (which coincidentally is our elected charity for 2019. My role was to support unpaid carers in the community with, emotional support, advice referrals, carer assessments and grant applications. 


Mary Bullas – Magazine Joint Editor

I am a fairly new member of the society. I have been  researching my family history for 10 years. I have now retired from my job as a Theatre Nurse at Chesterfield Royal Hospital. I am now hoping to be able to dedicate more time to my research and I  am looking forward to learning so much more from my more experienced fellow members.

Dena Mountain – Raffle

Trained as a Children’s Nurse followed by running a  Children’s Nursery. I later moved to Care of the Elderly. I don’t do family history but I love the talks and socialising.

Ken Sanderson – Committee

When the society needed a Treasurer I stepped in and have been going to finish each year but in the end stayed and completed three years. I am so pleased to let David Wheatcroft take over. I was a professional soldier for 9 years in the Royal Signals and I was stationed mainly in Germany and in and around the UK. This was followed a life driving until my retirement. In the main lorries, although I have driven taxis and buses.I began my family history but then got an allotment which now takes up a lot of my time. I do however enjoy the monthly meetings and the talks.


Terry Cocking – Printing 

Keith Fanshawe – Committee

I probably first joined the committee around 2009. Since 2012 I have held various positions. Chair, Vice Chair and General Dogs Body. I was in Engineering all my working life and latterly till I retired I had my own business, KLF Gates & Railings. I enjoy family history and the discoveries that can be found and so always enjoy our society evening’s speakers. 

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