15th December 2021 - Minutes from the Rules Revision Meeting

 Chesterfield & District Family History Society

15th December 2021 

 A CADFHS Special Rules Revision Meeting of the Society

MINUTES for the 1 Item Agenda

Purpose of the meeting 

To Accept the 2021 revised Constitution

Online and via Zoom Us

Meeting Opened at 7.30 pm  

1. Welcome by Dave Wheatcroft who chaired the meeting since Chair Dena Fanshawe was recovering from a serious illness and although present wished vice chair to chair the meeting. It was noted that as 15 members (including 3 officers) were present at the Zoom meeting that we had numbers to confirm a quorum so the EGM meeting could progress.


Apologies were received from Janet Ashley, Diane Broadhead, Denise Elliott and Margaret Marsden


2  Dave Wheatcroft outlined the minor changes to the CADFHS Constitution and the reasons behind them. He then asked if there were any questions regarding the revised Constitution.


Linda Jackson asked if previous member concerns from the AGM regarding the Constitution had been addressed? DF did join here as she said she would, and pointed out that that was at the AGM in September and nothing to do with this Rules Revision Meeting. 

Dave Wheatcroft and Dena Fanshawe both confirmed that the question had been addressed at the time, and by the new committee following the AGM. 

On behalf of the committee, secretary Valerie Bladon had replied to the said member.


3. Voting. Dave Wheatcroft asked those present to vote if they were in favour of the revised Constitution and all 15 people voted in favour. Eleven of those present had already voted online. After collating the results of the online, email, postal and those present, the results were as follows.

In favour – 29 votes 

Not in Favour 0

Abstentions – one from an honorary member who sent a very polite and supportive letter saying she did not feel able to give any opinions with not being able to take part in the Society any more or attend any meetings but wished the Society every success for the future.


Votes required to pass a resolution at an EGM is two thirds of the votes cast and as the vote was unanimous both those present at the meeting and those voted on-line, with one abstention, the 

Resolution to change the Constitution was passed unanimously.


Keith Feltham asked out of interest, what percentage of votes were needed. DW replied, as all the votes had been unanimous, there was not a problem. To which KFeltham agreed.  

[rule 17 says 2/3rd of the votes cast.]


The 2021 Constitution is duly adopted.

Close of meeting time 19:45 pm. Minutes by Valerie Bladon