Ways to Join or Pay your Membership

Payments available by Bank Transfer, PayPal Cheque or Cash at a meeting. 

How can you join?  At any monthly meeting  or online at:

By post: Payments by cash or cheques made payable to: Chesterfield & District Family History Society. 

Please email our membership team for the postal address.

What kind of membership do we offer? 

We offer two types of membership that can be individual or joint. 

What are they?                                                   

*Digital Individual or * Digital Joint. These will receive their magazine by email

**Uk Individual or **UK Joint. These will receive their magazine through the post

Please note:Overseas *Digital membership only available

How much does this cost annually? 

Digital Individual * £10:00.

Digital Joint        * £15:00. 

Overseas            * £10.00.

Uk Individual    ** £14:00.

Uk Joint           ** £21.00

We would like to invite you to check out our online membership system its  name is MOJO and not to be confused with our website. You can join here but also any member can access this and update their details if they change.