Looking for Canal Ancestors?

A recent request set me off to look for ‘Canal Ancestors,’ something I know very little about other than they are pretty waterways and a large part of our industrial and early logistics.

This is a very interesting website that is called Spellweaver and can be found here: www.spellweaver-online.co.uk.  This says ‘are you looking for your boat ancestors and if so good place to begin?’

I rang and spoke to Angela and she explained to me how the name of the website came about and the website itself due to her own interest. I suggested that she might have liked to join us on the 3rd of June but was unable to this year, but hopefully next year as she would be more prepared. This is what she says on the home page:

Do you have canal boat ancestors? If so you have probably already discovered the difficulties in tracing them! Well. I’m no expert, but I do have canal ancestors, and I hope that some of the lessons I’ve learned in trying to trace them might be useful to other people.

She then explains the website is only 3 years old and so very much a work in progress.

I would highly recommend a visit if you are looking for these ancestors or not, as it is very interesting. She also says:

One thing you can be sure of. The search for your ancestors will never be boring, and you will learn a great deal about a great many things. And you may well be surprised at your admiration for your ancestors and their way of life.