Transcribed Wills

About this CADFHS Project – The objective is to provide an area on our website where members can share ‘Wills they have Transcribed’ 

Would you like to share a Will? This is easy you can provide the information required as in the table below. 
Step 1. Just go to the panel to your right and click on the link and fill out the form and submit it.

Step 2. Make sure you check your subscribed Will for errors

Step 3. Send the transcribed ‘Will & Testament’ / Document to the following email preferably in pdf format.

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SurnameChristian N’ or Int’Chapman CodeTownDeathProbateSearch siteMember providerClick here to TranscriptionNames found in the Will
BantonGeorgeDBYMelbourne18011802FMP1265Click to Open BANTON, Elizabeth
BANTON, George
FINNEY, Millicent
MEE, Ann
NORTON, Elizabeth
ORME, Frances
ShawWilliamDBYChesterfield18401840FMP1265Click to Open APPLEYARD, Hannah
GLOVER, Elizabeth
SHAW, Esther
SHAW, Sarah
SHAW, William
WILD, Mary
WILD, Samuel
BownIsaacDBYAshover18521875DRO (M/F 263)Click to Open & WaitBOWN (wife) (beneficiary, BOWN, Anthony (beneficiary, Executor), BOWN, George (beneficiary), BOWN, Isaac (beneficiary, Executor), BOWN, James (beneficiary), DAVENPORT, Elizabeth (beneficiary), RUFF, Mary (beneficiary), SMITH, Hannah (beneficiary), LEE, Ann (witness), LEE, John (witness), LEE, William (witness)
BownIsaacDBYAshover18661874DRO (M/F 262)Click to Open BOWN Ellen (beneficiary)
BOWN, Isaac (beneficiary)
BOWN, John (beneficiary)
BOWN, Joseph (beneficiary)
BOWN, Mary (beneficiary)
MILNER, Hannah. (beneficiary)
BOWN, Anthony (Executor)
HOLLINGWORTH, Joseph (Executor)
Bassett, William (Witness)
HILL Joseph (Witness)

ClarkMarthaDBYTicknall18041804FMP1265Click to Open Elizabeth Banton, George Banton, John Banton, Martha Banton, Mary Banton, Robert Banton, Rebecca Briggs, Martha Hill, John Measam, Snr, John Measam Jnr, John Shaw, Mary Stretton, William Stretton,
BradshawFrancisLEICastle Donnington17391265Click to Open Mr Thomas Roby
Jane Brookes Granddaughter
Jane North Granddaughter
Thomas North Grandson
John Glover Grandson
Thomas Glover Grandson
Mary Glover Granddaughter
Cam(m)ThomasDBYEckington17041705936Click to Open POOR CHILDREN IN ECKINGTON (beneficiaries)
ROBINSON Thomas(beneficiary)
SAVAGE Ellen (beneficiary)
SAVAGE George (beneficiary)
SAVAGE John (beneficiary)
SAVAGE Paul (beneficiary)
SAVAGE Mary (beneficiary)
CAM’S children (unnamed beneficiaries)
STONES Thomas (Trustee and Executor)
GARDINER Samuel (Trustee and Executor)
LADY of the Manor of Eckington
PARSON of Eckington

LewisJamesHEFBristol/ Weston Super Mare195919621031James, Arthur James Lewis
LewisGilbertSALClunbury Salop195919591031Click to openGeorge Thomas Harris
LewisGeorgeHWRColwall Herefordshire190719071031
LewisElizabethSTSKings Heath Birmingham192919291031Click to Open “Elizabeth Lewis
Sidney Lewis
George Lewis Son Executor & Trustee
Elizabeth Masters Daug Executor & Trustee
Kate Turner Daug
Joesph Potter Witness
Jane Potter Witness

AaronHoraceDBYChesterfield19161031Wife and child
Webster RobertDBYKillamarsh186518651031Click to Open Robert Webster,
Robert Read Son George Mallinder, Jane and Joseph Pemberton, Eliza Webster , Thomas Pemberton
WoottonEnochSTSBloxwich, Staffordshire19041904913Charles William Athersmith Trustee and Grandson
William Beard Trustee and friend
Enoch Wootton Son
Mary Jane Perry Daughter
Laura Wright Granddaughter
Patience Wright Daughter
Doris Winnifred Wootton daughter of deceased son William Wootton
Arthur Hall Grandson Son of deceased Daughter Annie Wootten
PembertonRobertDBYKillamarsh185118571031Click to openJoseph Brammer Executor and Trustee
William Whitfield Executor and Trustee
William Pemberton [Son]
Hannah Brammer
Joseph Brammer
Joseph Pemberton [Son]
Annie Taylor Dau
George Taylor Husband of Dau

LinacreJamesDBYNorth Wingfield17641765936Click to openJohn Linacre(beneficiary/executor),
Revel Linacre (beneficiary),
James Linacre (beneficiary),
Ann Wainwright (beneficiary),
Thomas Hopkinson (witness),
Thomas Cantrell (witness),
WebsterRobertDBYKillamarsh1820Find my past1031Click to openRobert Webster son of brother
Humphrey Webster
Ralfe Webster
Mary Webster Niece Mary Inkersall wife of William Inkersall