What is a storyboard and how will this help me? A storyboard is a visual guide, and a story building tool.

Here are some idea on how you can build your story. For conformity of the project please use  Arial font size 11 – Project maximum  2000 words

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Choose a ‘Title’  for your story. 

Author and date

This is you.

Name of your person you are writing about.

Include dates Date of Birth – Date of Death  (if known) 

Example 1876-1899

Resources to use

Note 3

Parish Records Free BMD Census, 


Their parents and siblings if known.

Parish Records, Census.

1939 reg if of the time. Remember W/H Closed mid 50s

What about adding this part of the family tree here?

Note 1. See below

Places they lived?   

        2.  – Also Electoral Rolls

Did they marry? If so, where did they get married?

Census – Parish Records –  Post 1837 Free BMD 

Did they have any children?

Census. Free BMD. As above.

What did they do for a living?
Tell us about it?

Census and Admission registers (Calling)


Reasons they may have fallen on hard times? 

Death in the family? Loss of work?

 Does your research tell you why this may be?

Were they ill? Couldn’t pay their rent? 

What political party was in power.

Was there political unrest ‘What was happening in society?’ Strikes / Riots / unemployment?

Changes in the Poor Laws

c 1840  Creation of the Unions and the Union Workhouse and Methods used to deter the poor.


The Workhouse – Industrial School – Infirmary

When were they admitted 

Admissions Records (DRO) – Family Search

When were they discharged?

Discharge (DRO) also Family Search

How old were they when they went in?


If they were admitted as a child did they go to the Industrial School on Ashgate Road?

Union Workhouse discharge register out and then to the school.

Where were they discharged too?

If the name of the signatory is known on the  register? House Master?


Their Deaths

Where and when did they die?

Discharge record, Parish Records, Death Cert? 

Newspapers etc

If so, where are they buried? When you know maybe a photo?

Parish Records / Family stories
Grave stones

Any mysteries?  Or Myths


Give your Story an Ending?

Complete an ending if you can? 


Or create an ending with an open question maybe?




You can create an image of that part of your tree by doing a screenshot? Or if you feel  you can, then why not hand draw it, maybe decorate it and take a screenshot of that to make an image?
Help is here if you need help with creating a screen shot.


Consider adding a timeline somewhere in your document / story?


Newspaper stories.

    3. Ref

Please remember to add source where any have been used.