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Simon Fowler –  Researching your Military Ancestor

Well known writer on this subject and other research too. Experienced Genealogist, teacher and lecturer, will be giving us an incite on how best to research our military ancestors. Where to look and resources you won’t even thought of.
His talks are known for their relaxed approach and good humour while imparting sound practical advice.

THE MAIN EVENT at the  Arkwright Centre – Hardwick Dr, Arkwright Town, Chesterfield S44 5BS

10am – 4pm

No Registration – Saturday 11:30 First Talk. Speaker: Mike Newbold

The Arkwright Family – the early Industrial Revolution and its Derbyshire roots
This talk will explain the role of the Arkwright Family in developing cotton spinning at Cromford Mills, the expansion of the business to be the bedrock of the Victorian Industrial Revolution. 

The talk will provide an overview of the considerable history left to see at Arkwright’s original Cromford Mills and other sites acquired by the family.

No Registration 1:45 pm Second Talk  Speaker: Stephen Hill

Clerics, Medics and Academics – Susannah Arkwright’s Family TreeThis talk explores Susannah Arkwright’s family tree, highlighting the role the family has played across many aspects of modern life.Our journey through the branches of the tree uncovers a few surprises, along with a view of the workings and influence of wealthy families.

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